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YOLOGY - meet Your Off Line Off Grid You

Spend time with others and some time alone in secluded woodland, have an adventure and break from your usual routine.
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Mindfulness teaches us about patience, observation and acceptance. My new Log cabin building is still in progress, but I couldn't wait to sneak you a preview of this wonderful room with a view.
Inspired by this magnificent view of treetops, I always knew this would be a great place to wake up in...

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A major breakthrough, we now have running water!
Our off-grid dream is slowly taking shape, but what a summer it has been. We have been without running water in the heatwave, then when our 10,000 standing tank arrived empty it nearly blew away in the high winds!

The builders did try to tur...

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Heading back into the woods for next two days now that the high winds have stopped. We have been clearing holly bushes and some dead Birches, which will be chopped up for firewood. The holly will make a nice camp fire for tonight if it has dried out enough.

Our thoughts are with everyone who has faced sadness and worry during this troublesome time and for all those working on the frontline. Best wishes to you all xxx

We are busy getting ready for Yology off grid glamping weekends. Follow us on Instagram at @YOLOGY2

You've found YOLOGY online.... you have the chance to find who you are off grid and off line, away from all the noise.  Fancy a digital detox?  An opportunity to immerse in nature,  forest bathing?  or fancy finding out if you could cope living off grid? Fancy a night in a woodland log cabin alone at night with just the owls for company?

Yology is a lifestyle, its more than just an off-grid Air B 'n' B as we encourage groups (currently 6) to join us for an adventure of your making. I will work with you to plan your 3-4 day weekend.  If you are a solo adventurer, then I can make up a group for you with other solo adventurers.  You are encouraged to down the gadgets, but you are welcome to film, photograph your adventure to post at a later date.

Yes, Yology can be an adventure holiday! but instead of flying to far flung places, you take the time to treasure the beauty of ancient English countryside, in a beautiful secluded Bluebell wood. 

Using the power of remote woodland and time-told ancient trees as nourishment, you will find instant relaxation and a chance to reflect and process thoughts that can give you clarity, or move forward with issues that might have been holding you back. Or simply facing fears - like being afraid of the dark.  As well as meditation and mindfulness zones which I can introduce you to,  there can also be activities, hiking, pioneering, games, competitions depending on your group and how much silliness you want.
I've build a cosy chill-out zone with a bar, so as well as having super health boosting break, there is a bit of balance for those who fancy a drink.  

By the way, forget ground sheets, I am building Yology base camp with sumptuous luxury and style in mind (comfortable beds, warmth, hot showers and a hot tub all off-grid)  Just because we are in nature, there is no need to be uncomfortable, though the off-grid ethos means we have to work to make sure we have fuel for the fire.

I have spent the last ten years exploring how to bring people away from their City Lives and into woodland for an immersive break and I am passionate about how art and nature inform each other and how us humans are the interconnection.  As a commercial marketing writer, my career is mostly online, so Yology is also a portal for communications, articles and blogs.  we will bring ideas and developments in this fascinating and ever evolving interaction humans have with nature.  

So in summary YOLOGY is -  Your Off Grid Off Line You.   
A perfect combination of digital detox, self discovery and nature immersion.

  • Your Life -  and as they say, you only live once,  what do you want to find out?

  • Yology long weekend experience for Groups of six friends or a Group of solo adventurers which I will put together.
  • Private hire - I also offer a Less facilitated luxury Woodland Weekend/Holiday let for groups of 4.

  • Mindful living and mental well-being
  • Writing, communications, blogs on self-discovery, personal development
  • Off-grid lifestyle
  • Green issues, events, information
  • Art & Design - Sumptious luxury in nature.

  • Meet yourself,  spend time discovering who you are when presented with a different set of problems from everyday life.

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